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Irrigation system
Thanks to the efficiency of this system, growth is speeded up by one day compared to the traditional system.

That irrigation in mushroom farming is a very important but quite time consuming affair, is something that nobody will deny.
In case manual labour is involved, this normally cannot be done by unskilled workers, but has to be done by the farmer himself, because he has a feeling for it
With mechanical systems there are moving parts in the growing area, and mostly these systems are operated for limited periods of time only and what is more, in a damp and therefore hostile environment and so they need regular maintenance.

As a result of these problems we produce a new innovation wateringsystem.
1 No moving parts in the growing area
2 Little or no maintenance required
3 Reliable
4 Even distribution of water
5 Easy to operate

After a very long trial period we built a network of pies and sprinklers in the rack.
We managed to solve the water distribution problem by using specially assembled sprinklers.
With these, we can also start and stop the sprinklers simultaneously and avoid dripping.

We use a special tubing, which proved to be the solution to all the problems.
Because, when rust or scaling occurs on the inside of the tubes, the sprinklers will become clogged up pretty soon. This has to be prevented from happening at all times, because it usually goes unnoticed until irrigation is started.

As there are no moving parts in the growing area, the system requires very little maintenance and is therefore very reliable.

To control the system we chose a PLC with touch screen, which is very user-friendly. It is possible to opt for one PLC per growing area or one single pc for the entire farm. An advantage of this PLC is that all new components are compatible with older types, so that, when the system is extended, older and newer types can work together. By means of a simple text message the system can be ordered to start and stop watering while the system can also report back. The software is such that records are kept so that it is easy to check how many times and much water was given.

We operated the system for a considerable period of time without any problems. Moreover, we noticed that thanks to its efficiency, growth is speeded up by one day compared to the traditional system.

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